- Fixing and replacing of broken torsion springs

- Rollers Repair / Replace

- Springs Adjustment

- Springs Maintenance

- Snapped Cable Repair

- Spring / Cable Installation

- Garage Door Extension Springs

And Much more …..

The garage door spring replacement is composed of 2 kinds of springs, every kind is situated on various part of the door for balancing purposes. These are the extension springs as well as the torque springs. These are found above the door and work by turning in order to raise the door up. The torsion springs are under a supreme amount of torque, which makes it so risky for a person to change them.  They extend when the door closes down. If the torsion spring breaks while the door is still opening, the gravity will take control and then make the door crash down.

The extension springs are seen just below the door and make sure that the door will close and open accordingly. They are placed on the side and that can be coiled.  The extension springs are not as risky as the garage door torsion springs, on the other hand, they are still risky. Repairing the extension spring might still bring you injury. When you change the springs that will be very risky and it is not advisable to do, so you need to hire a professional garage door repair.  The technicians who have enough expertise and knowledge in changing the garage spring replacement will make sure that the door will work finely.